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Don't miss a single update inside!  You'll be kicking yourself...
...or begging your dominatrix to kick you later!!

The Love Of A Wide Open Ass

Don't miss this one guys.  It's absolutely on FIRE!!  A first for both she and he.  She's never put her hand up a man's ass...and he's never begged to be fucked harder!  He goes past the pain threshold and takes it like the little bitch that he is!

Gianna the Sadistic Nurse

Gianna gets off on being fucking beyond evil to men.  She enjoys forced feminization, humiliation and more than anything, she loves to be rough!  Her eyes get as big as saucers and you can hear the anticipation in her voice as she tortures yet another victim.

Poor Poor Felix The Sub

Our resident slave boy is back for more.  Seems like Felix is a glutton for punishment and can't get enough torture and pain from his female doms.  Boot licking, constrictive rope play, biting, whipping...whew...this scene has got it all!

Nikki Hunter has Road Rage

This guy picked the wrong fucking day to fuck with Nikki!  Some idiot cut her off earlier in the day, and she's got one hell of a bad case of road rage!  Watch her spare no rod as she takes out all of her aggression on her new found slave bitch!