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Dominant, Sexually Abusive Women Who Love To Torture Their Captive Males! Enter Today For Instant Access To The Most Extreme Female Domination Site Online!

Felix The Lucky Slave Boy
Our boy Felix is a cute little sub isn't he! He wears his spike collar like any good little bitch would while two very dominant female doms torture and whip him in every way you can imagine! Poor Felix...or LUCKY Felix? You decide inside right now!
Natasha Sweet = Not So Sweet
One of the more sadistic dominatrixes, Natasha doesn't pull punches with her subs at all. This bitch learns real fast that in her world, what she says is law...and if you break that law, you suffer the concequenses!
Cat Cleevage's Bad Dog
Cat Cleevage is a dominatrix who loves to humiliate, both physically and mentally. Her poor boy Julian must crawl on all fours and pretend to be a dog to win her approval, but it's not easy. She is a very demanding pet owner to say the least!
Turn The Tables On Whitey
This cracka' had no idea what he was getting himself into when he signed on. Let's just say that these fine ass black princesses take out some racially charged aggression on his mouth and asshole! You don't want to miss this one, it gets NASTY!
The Love Of A Wide Open Ass
Don't miss this one guys. It's absolutely on FIRE!! A first for both she and he. She's never put her hand up a man's ass...and he's never begged to be fucked harder! He goes past the pain threshold and takes it like the little bitch that he is!
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